Basic Course For Culinary

Basic Course For Culinary

FCAA’s basic culinary program is specially designed for students who are new to the world of cooking and want to explore and enhance their culinary skills. With our team of professional Chefs, we provide a hands on training from basic cuts of vegetables to various dishes from all over the world.

Course time duration: 4 weeks

Number of classes: 12

Total Course fees: Rs. 18,000*

Class duration: 3 hours

The Menu covers the following:

Indian cuisine

French cuisine

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for some kind of advance course in culinary and baking arts for myself. I would like to know the eligibility and age criteria for admissions and accordingly suitable course for myself as I am 55 yrs old and am planning this to be my post retirement, future activity of passion and keep my occupied too.
    I look forward to your advising me with a suitable course as I am eager to join one at the earliest.

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